Roll Dominance. The one with the most successes start at tick 1, the one with the second most starts at tick 2 etc.


Modifier      Dice Pool
-1 Delay         -2

If you score more successes than the opponents Composure or Resolve (whichever is higher), the opponent is Dazed and takes a -2 penalty to the next Manuver.

Stun +x increases the opponents delay by +x.



A barrage of words and arguments can force even the smartest of foes into a defense
Cost: No defense until your next Manuver.
Delay: 6
Roll: +3

Change of SkillRedigera

A quick jab and a questioning of the opponents competence in a different field changes the topic at hand.
Cost: -1 Nerve
Delay: 5
Roll: -2

Change of AttributeRedigera

You won't let your foe either outwit or outsmart you...
Cost: -1 Nerve
Delay: 6
Roll: +0

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