Famous for his avkward relation with the gods, his countless death defying tricks and intelligence above that of an average orc, Gorrak lives in many memories even though he's slain.


Gorrak was born to a pair of humans after his mother was taken by an orc (citation needed)

The Black SunRedigera

Gorrak joined forces with Chira when they met and togheter with a halfling named Gareth, they tried to stop a cult known as The Black Sun from upsurping Lathanders church in the forgotten realms.

Character infoRedigera

Class: Half Orc Barbarian Level: Unknown Alignment: Unknown


Str --, Dex --, Con --, Int --, Wis --, Cha --

HP --, AC -- (Touch --, Flat-footed --)

Fortitude --, Reflex --, Will --


Weapons: Greataxe Armor: Unknown