Errion is a relativly new monarchy which was established just short of 200 years ago by a warchief of some human tribes in the area surrounding Stengard, the current capitol of the city. Errion has since it's expansion adopted a more formal Monarchy and the title of King is given to the most capable son of the former king when he dies.


Errion was founded in the year 336 by the warchief Johkar Haraldsson who united the waring tribes of the region into one kingdom. The line of kings has since then been unbroken and the most capable son of the king has always been choosen as successor. Until quite recently, the kingdom has never been at war, except for the Ogre War in year 412. A fragile peace was formed in year 416, after four years of war.

Recent historyRedigera

Recently, the king has issued a law that forbids clerics from raising the dead without the allowance of his personal stab of clerics. This because of the plague that spreads through the kingdom and the clergy fears that the raising of dead will further the spread of the plague.


Located to the north of the Tangar Mountain Range, Errion is a minor kingdom that doesn't cover much ground. To the west is a collection of valleys and mountain peaks that leads to the Tangar Mountain Range and to the east is a long border to the Wildlands and the Ogre lands. The middle parts of Errion is home to a marshland that's called The Troll Swamps duo to the amount of Trolls that inhabit the area.

South of the Grey Hills lies the capital, Stengard. The city is surrounded by hills and a mountain to the north and plains to the south. The main trade route goes south, turns east and then north towards Vanhem. The roads splits along half the way and heads southeast to the other important towns of the land.

Administrative divisionsRedigera

There are six administrive divisions that makes up the classes of Errions population. Above all, is the King. Below him are the Royal Court, followed by regular Nobles, aristocrats, merchants and peasants.

The Royal Court are a collection of Nobles hand picked by the king himself for their various skills and abilities. These are often used for foreign missions and for other important actions that the king can't trust to normal solders and officers. Each Royal Court member controls a divison of soldiers called Royal Sold which consists of 5 to 15 elite soldiers.


While Giant are pretty common in Errion, Braach is the primary language of Errion. Few other languages are spoken in the land, which is odd, considering that Njordlandlies just north of the kingdom.


Currently ruled by a strong monarch with little will to let nobles behave however they want, the politcal scene of Errion has been rather dull lately. While most nobles still vie for power, this is done behind the scenes and outside of the kings reach.


The king is currently trying to establish trade routes with the southern, more civilized lands, that are far more effective than the current ones. This is heavily disputed by those nobles who still retain their regalia from the ancient Solenian kingdom, since they believe it will hurt the kingdom.

Political historyRedigera


While Errion remains a small kingdom, King Björn Ulvsson has increased the size of the army by a trifold. The current number of soldiers are almost 5000 in peacetime and 15000 in times of war. 2500 of these are proffesional full time soldiers, while the rest are drafted from the towns and villages around the kingdom if they are needed. All men are given military training at the age of 15, but few men are actually drafted into the army unless any threat is present.

The army consists mostly of foot soldiers because of the terrain in the area, but cavalery can be mustered if needed.




The largest influence Errion has had during the years would be by Waterfall City and Solenia. Many nobles from Solenia fleed when the kingdom collapsed and took up residence in the minor kingdoms all over the world. Some of these fleed to what would become Errion and these families still struggle to keep their noble ancestry alive.