The Earth Archives are an ancient council that does its best to help mankind strive forward and to survive when threatened by dire events, such as the coming of Tempest and Infinite Breakdown.


No one can tell exactly when the Earth Archives were founded, but it appears to have happened sometime around 7000 B.C., according to the historic records that are stored inside the deepest vaults of the current headquarter. This was apparently after the last Reformation of the earth and the council which the gods held to create the Herald. This would make the Archives the oldest society in existance, except for the Immortal council.

The beginningsRedigera

The first Herald, its true name unknown, gathered the most powerful men and women from all the societies around the mediterranian sea, founded the Earth Archives as a mean to prevent mankind from bringing itself into oblivion. Altough there are no exact records of what happened in the first age, it's well known that the Herald served as a key player in the imprisonment of Chronus during the Titanomachy. This would be roughly around 6000 B.C.

Another theory, claims that the Herald was responsible for sinking atlantis when the Titanomachy was over.

When the first Herald fell in combat against the lesser titans who attempted to free Chronus, a successor was chosen. The Heralds body was burned and the power which the new Herald couldn't absorb, would create the foundation for an entire people.


Every member in Archives are somehow linked to The Herald (currently Daniel Skoglund, or Jac III), either through bond of blood or through some other mystic event that has linked them.

As a rule of thumb, many of the members can refer to each other as distant cousin, hailing from Daniels great grandfather Marcus the Wrathful.

Even though this rule of thumb is just that, not always applicable, it still helps somewhat when they refer to each other.

Current MembersRedigera

Arc (Indie)Redigera


The incarnation of life itself given form. Was trained by the previous Avatar and has since assumed its duties.


Mexican TurtleRedigera



Prize winning photographer and light controller.


Under en kort period ihop med Genna


The BearRedigera

The HeraldRedigera

The ProfessorRedigera


Lost MembersRedigera

Grigorji Ivanov (Mad Ivan)Redigera