Among the stars and planets of the Star Wars universe, a host of characters lives and thrives. Some good, others evil... this is a list of the important ones.

Player Characters (Old Story)Redigera

  • Kai-den, one of the last Jedi Guardians and the Jedi Master of Dobe
  • Tiger, the charismatic and ever-lying twi'lek noble
  • Bringe, ... he's one hell of a mad guy
  • Jade, passed away Jedi Guardian who had the potential but almost fell to the dark side
  • Kvanta, passed away Jedi Guardian
  • Durak Sark, a powerful force adept, known for his catchphrase "Jag siktar på svansarna"
  • Randh, tricky and resourceful scoundrel of some reknown. MAY still be alive
  • Rack Sandir, bounty hunter and sharpshooter

Player Characters (New Story)Redigera

Non Player CharactersRedigera

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