There are many renown characters and heroes in Akilae, but the player characters of the current game is something special...

Player CharactersRedigera

  • Wulf, the party Druid and herbalist. The master of the wolf Varg
  • Gang, a friendly Stone Giant who travels with the group.
  • Groll, friend of Eärwen and a stout and powerful orc
  • Lex Darion, mystic cleric of the god Waryikas and a mighty healer
  • Eärwen, the dextrous and charismatic bard who searches for healing herbs for her family
  • Amadeus, a proud warrior and from a former noble family of Solenia

These are the current characters and many more will join and disband with them as they travel find a cure for the plague, a defense against the ogres and the gold...

Non Player CharactersRedigera