A stout warrior and brave ranger, the man called Brayan Frostarrow roams the plains of Jantalas in search for giants to slay and magical beasts to lay down by the tip of his arrows.


Brayan has discussed his background with several people earlier, but only a few know the entire story.

Early LifeRedigera

Brayan was born to a mother he never really knew (citation needed) and to a father who spent much of his time hunting the great forest around Ringheim togheter with his boy, or alone. Brayan came to realize that his calling was the same as his father's, when the man was abrubtly taken away from him. Brayan quickly donned his fathers bow and ventured out of the forest and traveled to Ringheim. It was there, after a comical accident involving a horse, a lot of cows and some elbow grease, that he met the bard Gion Baldson. They formed a group togheter and they learned how to survive togheter. Among their adventures, they battled a number of fell beasts, such as demonic hounds.

The war of the DragonRedigera

When the trade route between Ringheim and the western lands were cut off, Brayan took it upon himself to investigate why. It soon became apparent that the frost goddess Skadi had blocked the path with her sleeping form and after having awakened her, Brayan's bow was blessed with the ability to restore him to life once. They also discovered a hidden passage that lead into a den of brutal thieves that threatened the lowland. After having slain the Ringbearer, Gion and Brayan had saved the entire lowlands and became renown for their combat prowess.

Sippi, Mana and the companionsRedigera

After having suffered defeat, the Ringbearer seemed gone forever. The group of heroes expanded quickly though, as they adventured far and wide under the command of Brayan. Togheter with Keledar Gråöga, Mana, Sippi and a few other heroes, they managed to travel both to Jotunheim and Nifelheim. Keledar was slain by giants and Mana fell too, altough they managed to ressurect her.

Thalan and the search for the artifactsRedigera

Being hired by a man named Thalan, the group set out to find four legendary artifacts. A Black Crystal, Gudarnas Städ, Silverbrand and The Pearl of Ending was sought after by a group of archwizards who needed them to save the world. Unable to leave their tower, they gave the mission to the group who gladly (for a prize of course) ventured far and wide to recover the artifacts. Defeating both legendary frost giants, bargaining with dragons and climbing the highest known mountain, the party almost perished more than once...

Also met and befriended The smith.

Character infoRedigera

Class: Human Ranger Level: 14 Alignment: Chaotic Good


Str --, Dex --, Con --, Int --, Wis --, Cha --

HP --, AC -- (Touch --, Flat-footed --)

Fortitude --, Reflex --, Will --


Weapons: Brayans Bow Armor: Unknown